Who am I

Alexandria born, Sheldon McClendon named, and shot into this bullshit full force. Throughout childhood I was an emotional, dramatic, articulate, intelligent little being. Understanding too much for my own good I began exploring the world through my own lense, and have never stopped. 

A rebellious nature was what moved young me towards creating conversations that make people uncomfortable, constantly questioning the reason for EVERYTHING around.

As a young gay black man I currently live in a juxtaposition, constantly identifying with many cultures, ideas, and beliefs. As I move throughout my Journey of continous Self discovery, I invite you to explore the names of my creations. Feel the textures and break the notion Art should not Sensed with Touch. How do the colors move your subcouscious mind? From what lense do you see People, Planet, and Self? What emotions are jarred or triggered from my movements? Can you feel what emotions I convey?