Armani Arts

Ridin The Blues

Down does not quite encompass the feeling. Blue does give the feel but not the depth. The deep, deep void we all feel, and continue to strive to fill. A cavern in your chest waiting for warmth and comfort, stability with the graciousness of flexibility. Yet in what world will that cave come to be filled? With cold jewels and cars? With those goals to be famous if even for a second commented upon by people unknown to you? Or with drunken trips to the watering holes in which the “non-essentials” must babysit our officials? Soul sucking is an understatement of dealing with living where I am. Those with the greatest powers to be, often feel just as deeply empty as the rest of us, yet do nothing to change anything. A lot of times I just feel we are all fucked, raw, with no lube or spit.

I just hope one day you have some type of understanding you are the ones that can change… everything.

“Riding the Blues”
August 2022