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Dispatch The Maniac

Dispatch The Maniac
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Constantly I feel I am asked to be nicer, to be this, to be that. While I understand that people do deserve to be spoken to and treated with fairness and kindess, what I don’t see is a lot of kind deserving behaviors. Frankly, I see a ton of things that deserve quite the opposite. Have some of yall not been slapped by a loved one? Told to shut the entire fuck up? Obviously not. Well, I no longer subscribe to niceness, I can be kind in my education of some yall batshit crazy behaviors now THAT I can work towards. I strive to be more loving and colorful with my words so that those truly can comprehend how I fucking feel, got it? This is self-inventory right? Like fuck me, fuck you right, honestly Im not sure whats what anymore so fuck it right? Let just…

Dispatch The Maniac
August 2022