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Cursed Blessing

Cursed Blessing
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Annnd we are off! What can I fix, better yet WHO can I fix? I can fix myself I can fix you, I CAN FIX THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD. Just give me a shot, please, I can do it. I can love everyone enough, and by beginning that I simply begin cursing everyone I come in contact with.

Being Bipolar means those "superpowers" i feel i have both contain a horrificly realisitc viewpoint, and a delusional tasmanian devil hell bent on communal humanity. Its all feeling like pure electricity in my noggin. I feel so fucking cursed by this blessing of creating and the ability to connect people. I could easily be fixing someones else issues instead of my own but alas, really, that wont change a damn thing.

"A Cursed Blessing"
Acrylic On Canvas
June 2022
Ready To Hang