Armani Arts

A Hopeful Romantic

To continue loving is hard enough in this world. It seems at every stage through life there is reason to become cynical, critical, and judgemental of the seemingly easy road some folks have. Even through experience, I feel as though learning to love someone is the most choatic, mind altering thing to do, yet I long to be comfortable alongside another in life. I try, it fails via anger, again I try and now I must grow through accountibility and tears. When do I make the connection that lasts… or simply doesnt fucking hurt so much?

Alas, I still dream of walks on the beach and porch reading on a sunlight afternoon on our land. I need it to happen, so again I must try to mend, then offer my heart.

"A Hopeful Romantic"
Acrylic On Canvas
June 2022
Ready To Hang